The great Michael Caine is credited with some of the wisest words of our time –

“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”

I swear, I’m going to sprout feathers and start quacking any day now. And I’m not the only one. We’re all insanely busy. That’s not hyperbole. I really believe we’re all going just a little mad as we run from one thing to another. Here’s a list of my current projects. Keep in mind, they have nothing to do with kids or my dogs or my job or my relationship. No part of this list contains necessary day-to-day maintenance.

  • The Corvid Pen – a small business I am starting
  • The Corvid Quill – my fiction/fantasy/horror writings
  • The Corvid Duck – this blog (sensing a theme? I like black birds.)
  • [No title –here–] – a super secret blog that about 6 people are aware of but is still a passion
  • NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month, wherein we with little sense commit to writing a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. No, it’s not November yet, but only a fool approaches this beast without prepping.
  • Rei Blades – my fiancĂ©e’s business. I’m helping! Check it out, it’s very cool.
  • [No title –here–] – a super secret business a friend is starting that I am wildly crazy about (the friend and her idea). I’m entirely on board for helping her get it set up.
  • I feel like I’m forgetting something…

I’d bet you have a list that puts mine to shame. There’s always something we want to do, isn’t there? Something to learn or create or plan. I have another list of “Get to it later” because everything there is less important than everything above. Yes, that includes painting my bedroom. Back off. I’ll get to it. Later.

My hope with this blog is to share a bit of what I’ve figured out along the way. How to wrangle it all, how to prioritize, when and were to let go of something. And super important – how to ask for help. That is so much harder than it needs to be. I’ll share links to places and products (nope, no one pays me) I love. And maybe… just maybe… we’ll even start a Dear Duck column for specific questions.

Thanks for being here! I look forward to our adventures together.

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