Progressive Moves


The word makes me cringe. I don’t care for routine (so much that I have now twice absolutely mangled the spelling). I dislike carved-in-stone schedules, I hate doing the same thing day in and day out for weeks and months on end. You can guess how thrilled I am with traditional jobs. I’m not even particularly fond of purchasing movie tickets too far in advance.

Imagine my shock to discover that the routine of writing daily was, well, enjoyable. The weekends can get a little wobbly, but with rare exceptions, lunch breaks during the work week are spent at the library, on the third floor, overlooking the Bay. For 45 glorious minutes, I work on The Seer’s Daughter. Most of that time is actively writing, but some of it is clean-up or reading over parts or making notes. Whatever I do, it’s for the novel. It’s not a lot of time and it’s not the only time I put in, but it has become the most productive. Whodathunkit? I’m considering the luxury of a half day of work every once in a while so I can spend an entire afternoon overlooking the Bay.

In the last post, I mentioned a major project. If you’ve ever built a web page, you know it’s never really done. It’s “done.” That’s where I am. Done enough to show it off –

There’s a lot to see and some teasers to read (including the entire first chapter of The Seer’s Daughter: Metamorphosis). I always appreciate comments and feedback. Also, if you are Twitterly Inclined, I’ve hung a shingle there, too. You will find me at… wait for it… @SeersDaughter

And so here we go. Proper website. Social Media. Active, regular writing.

You’d think I was dancing with my dream.


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